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Welcome to the Automotive SIG

This site contains general information about the Automotive SIG, as well as how to contribute to the repository and how to build and download images.

For more information about the SIG’s charter, members, or goal, see the Automotive SIG page on the CentOS wiki.


The Automotive SIG is working on several artifacts, including:

  • The Automotive Stream Distribution: This project is a binary distribution developed within the SIG that serves as a public, in-development preview of the upcoming Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System.
  • The Automotive SIG repositories: These are RPM repositories produced by the SIG to enhance the Automotive Stream Distribution. New packages or features can be developed and hosted there to expand the capabilities of the Automotive Stream Distribution.
  • Sample images: These are images built with OSBuild using packages from the Automotive Stream Distribution, the Automotive SIG repositories, or other sources. They are examples of how the Red Hat automotive product can be used.

Automotive Stream Distribution

The Automotive Stream Distribution (AutoSD) is an upstream repository to the Red Hat automotive product, much like CentOS Stream is to RHEL. AutoSD will be based on CentOS Stream with a few divergences.

The first divergence will be the Linux kernel. AutoSD will rely on the kernel-automotive package rather than the CentOS Stream kernel package.

Automotive Stream Distribution vs CentOS Stream

As a binary distribution, AutoSD will be the place where the community, customers, and partners can see what will land in the automotive product. Like CentOS Stream, AutoSD will be open to contributions using similar mechanisms.

For more information about how the content of the AutoSD is gathered, see Content Definition.

You can browse the latest version of the Automotive Stream Distribution at:

You can also download a local copy of this repository using wget:

wget --recursive --no-parent -R "index.html*" ''

You must have at least 1.6G of available disk space to accommodate both aarch64 and x86_64. The disk space requirement is subject to change as the package set evolves.

The Automotive SIG repositories

You can browse the Automotive SIG repositories at:

The Automotive SIG repositories include packages that are not necessarily part of the Red Hat automotive offering, but which may be interesting to SIG members. These packages might be works in progress that could land in the AutoSD or the Red Hat automotive offering. The packages could also be purely experimental, for research and development, or integration work that remains outside of the AutoSD.

All SIG members can request packages to be distributed through these repositories as long as they meet CentOS requirements for SIG.

Sample images

The Automotive SIG repository contains manifests for different operating systems and platforms.

The manifests are located in the osbuild-manifests folder.

    └── <OS>
        └── <platform>

For example:

    └── cs9
        ├── minimal.mpp.yml
        ├── neptune.mpp.yml
        └── ...

You can use OSBuild to build each of these manifests. For more information, see Building images.

You can also find pre-built images from our Download images page.

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