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Downloading images produced by the Automotive SIG

The Automotive SIG provides OSBuild manifests and instructions to build AArch64 or x86_64 images for systems, virtual machines, or a Raspberry Pi 4. If you would like to view our images, follow the instructions on the Building Images page.

In an effort to continuously deliver working images, we are building nightly a number images of images which can be found in our nightly folder at:

These images are updated as CentOS-stream, AutoSD, or the Automotive SIG RPM repository changes.

Here are some information about the different images built:

In the nightly folder you can find three sub-folders:

  • repos: This folder contains the nightly build of the AutoSD RPM repository for both x86_64 and aarch64.
  • sample-images: This folder contains a set of images built with only the content of the AutoSD RPM repository.
  • non-sample-images: This folder contains a set of images built from the AutoSD RPM repository as well as other RPM repositories (e.g.: the CentOS-stream 9 repository, the Automotive SIG RPM repository, COPR repositories…)

Sample images

IMPORTANT: Do not use sample images in production.

You can find 5 images in the sample-images folder:

  • Ostree-based minimal qemu images built for x86_64 and aarch64, this image is really meant to be an example of a minimal image, it does not have a package manager nor SSH. These images are:
  • auto-osbuild-qemu-autosd9-minimal-ostree-aarch64
  • auto-osbuild-qemu-autosd9-minimal-ostree-x86_64

  • Ostree-based qemu images built for our own QA/testing, for x86_64 and aarch64. It is based on the minimal image with some extra packages such as: SSH, beaker, rsync, sudo, wget, time, nfs-utils, git, jq. These images are:

  • auto-osbuild-qemu-cs9-qa-ostree-aarch64
  • auto-osbuild-qemu-cs9-qa-ostree-x86_64

  • A regular (i.e.: not ostree-based) minimal image, built for raspberry pi 4. This image is:

  • auto-osbuild-rpi4-cs9-minimal-regular-aarch64

Non Sample images

You can find 11 images in the non-sample-images folder:

  • Ostree-based qemu images built for x86_64 and aarch64 demonstrating how to include containers in images built. These images are:
  • auto-osbuild-qemu-cs9-container-ostree-aarch64
  • auto-osbuild-qemu-cs9-container-ostree-x86_64

  • Ostree-based qemu images built for developers which includes all the tooling necessary to build images as described in the Building images page. These images are:

  • auto-osbuild-qemu-cs9-developer-ostree-aarch64
  • auto-osbuild-qemu-cs9-developer-ostree-x86_64

  • A regular (i.e.: not ostree-based) qemu image built for developers which thus includes all the tooling necessary This image is:

  • auto-osbuild-qemu-cs9-developer-regular-aarch64

  • A regular (i.e. not ostree-based) Raspberry Pi 4 image built for developers which thus includes all the tooling necessary This image is:

  • auto-osbuild-rpi4-cs9-developer-regular-aarch64

  • A regular (i.e.: not ostree-based) raspberry pi 4 image built to be used as USB gadget This image is:

  • auto-osbuild-rpi4-cs9-gadget-regular-aarch64

  • A regular (i.e. not ostree-based) QEMU image built for SOAFEE users. This image may be uploaded to AWS and imported into an AMI with this script. The default username is ec2-user This image is:

  • auto-osbuild-aws-cs9-soafee-regular-aarch64

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